I love trying different foods while traveling to the most amazing destinations around the world. Pasta in Rome, a sky-high red velvet cake in London and sushi with matcha tea in Tokyo: you can find all my delicious food photos with me smiling like crazy (because hey, FOOD!) on my IG page. But there’s one thing about eating all these different foods that makes me smile a little less: it leaves stains on my teeth. Ugh! So when Smile Brilliant asked me to try their custom-fitted teeth whitening trays in exchange for a honest review, I just had to say yes! Today I’m sharing my experience with their products that make it possible to whiten my teeth at home or even on-the-go.


Why Smile Brilliant?

Whitening your teeth can be a very expensive hobby. You can visit your dentist ($$$), try LED lights at home ($$) or use charcoal whitening powder like I did a while ago ($). Although I liked the results of the charcoal right after brushing my teeth with the product, it was a very messy process and I couldn’t wear my good outfits while brushing because of the black stains it could leave on my clothes. 

Visiting my dentist or buying at-home systems from my dentist would be the most effective options to whiten my teeth perfectly. But they’re also the most expensive ones. So these options aren’t even options for me. But then there’s Smile Brilliant. They make the exact same custom-fitted trays that a dentist would make, but for a fraction of the cost. Now we’re talking! Now I bet you’re wondering how they could possibly make those custom-fitted trays when I’m in The Netherlands and they’re in the USA?

Custom-Fitted Trays: The Making Of

First of all, I had to answer a few questions about my whitening history, if I ever had dental work done and if I experience any tooth sensitivity. I do have sensitive teeth, so Smile Brilliant decided to sent me their Sensitive Whitening System with desensitizing gel. Trust me, this stuff works wonders!

One week later I received their package with the whitening products and everything I needed to take impressions of my teeth. This is the worst part of the entire process haha, if you ever had braces you already know how this works *insert flashbacks*. I had to mix two pastes together, spread it evenly in the trays and press the upper and lower tray on my teeth for 3 minutes each. After 6 minutes of drooling, the trays were ready to dry. I sent the trays back to Smile Brilliant in the provided envelope and 1,5 week later I received my custom whitening trays. Time to start whitening!

The Whitening Process

As you can see on the ‘before’ pictures below, my front teeth didn’t even look that stained before I started with the whitening process. But when you look at both sides of my smile, you can definitely see some yellow stains. After one week of whitening I made new pictures. And I can definitely see a difference! The average person will need 7-14 daily applications to remove all stains from their teeth, so I’m really happy with the result after just 7 days.

Since I have sensitive teeth, they recommended to start with just the desensitizing gel for 2-3 days to prepare my teeth for the whitening process. After 3 days, I started with the whitening gel. The first day I had a session of only 30 minutes, because I was a bit scared that my teeth would get super sensitive. But the desensitizing gel that I used after every session really worked! After a few days, I had whitening sessions of one hour (no sessions longer than 3 hours!) with some days off in between to give my teeth a break. And since the trays are custom-fitted, I could still talk while whitening and do everything that I wanted to do at home… except for eating haha!

Each syringe of whitening gel and desensitizing gel has enough product for 3-4 complete sessions (for your upper and lower teeth). I noticed that my first syringes lasted way longer than that. Probably because I was a little cautious at first, since you only have to apply a thin ribbon of gel inside of your trays. Use too much gel and your teeth can get super sensitive. Plus, your gums don’t really like whitening gel that will leak out of your trays if you use too much.

And Now… Giveaway Time!!                                          

So what do you think of the results? It worked well, huh? I am really happy with this kit and I will definitely keep using the whitening gel every now and then to keep my smile white! Would you love to try these custom-fitted trays for yourself? At home? FOR FREE?!

Today is your lucky day! I have teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give one lucky winner a complete whitening kit with custom-fitted trays. How cool is that? You can enter by clicking on this link:

Smile Brilliant Giveaway

And make sure to follow Smile Brilliant (@smilebrilliant) and me (@thedutchblondie) on Instagram and tag your friends *in the IG post that will go live on 4 October* who would also love to win this whitening kit. Good luck!!

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Xxx Kirsten

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