You know I’m there if it involves milkshakes, chocolate and everything sweet! I decided to try something different for our Sunday brunch and made this super easy 3 ingredient milkshake with Milka hazelnut cream spread. I loved how simple and yummy it was, so I just needed to share the recipe with you guys.

You only need a blender, a few minutes of your time and three ingredients (see below). If you don’t like a hazelnut/chocolate flavor, you can easily replace this ingredient with something else to create a completely different milkshake!

Ingredients for 1 serving

☆ 1/2 cup whole milk
☆ 2 to 3 scoops vanilla ice cream
☆ 2 tot 3 tbsp hazelnut cream spread

Optional toppings/decorations:
☆ Whipped cream
☆ Rainbow sprinkles

Tip: do not mix the ingredients in the blender for too long. The longer you mix, the thinner the milkshake will be. It only takes a few seconds to blend everything together.

And maybe you already spotted it in the pictures: the dark layer of syrup on the bottom of my milkshakes. I tried to make a cute chocolate swirl on the inside of the glasses, but it all ended up dripping to the bottom of the glass haha! To make the rainbow sprinkles stick to the glass, carefully apply a layer of chocolate spread with a knife before rolling it through the sprinkles.

Are you going to try and make the milkshake as well? Or do you know a delicious version that I should definitely try? Let me know! 🙂

Xxx Kirsten  ♥

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