As you may already know, I ticked Japan off my travel bucket list in August (woohoo!!). I visited the most beautiful locations in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara, but I will write another blog post about that later. Today I would like to share a little more about the only Disney Park in the world themed to the sea: Tokyo DisneySea!

Disneyland or Disneysea?  

The first decision you have to make when arriving at the Tokyo Disney Resort, is whether you would like to visit the Disneyland Park or the DisneySea Park. Of course both parks are amazing and if you spend more than one day in the resort, you can visit them both. But if you only have one day and you are looking for something completely different from all the other Disney Parks around the world, I would definitely choose DisneySea.

Inspired by ocean tales and legends, the seven themed ports of Tokyo DisneySea offer a lot of fun attractions for every age. It’s not about fast rides (sorry thrill seekers, no super fast roller coasters here), but it’s all about the experience. These are the themed ports you can find in the park:

#1. Mediterranean Harbor – the gateway to DisneySea 

Always wanted to visit Italy, but never got the chance? Look no further, because this themed port looks a lot like Venice! Step inside a gondola and enjoy the romantic view of the Italian inspired houses from the water or watch one of the many daily shows on the water. Getting hungry? Enjoy pasta or pizza together with some wine in Ristorante di Canaletto next to the canal to live la dolce vita.

#2. Mysterious Island – heart of the park

This port is inspired by three of Jule Verne’s novels: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Mysterious Island. The first two novels are also two attractions in this area. Enter a miniature submarine and search for the lost continent of Atlantis in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (recommended for all ages) or enter a cave underneath the large volcano in Mysterious Island and step inside a science vehicle to explore the center of the earth!

#3. Mermaid Lagoon 

Sure, the rides in this area are more for kids. But who cares? I mean, look at this place! The colorful facade with seashells looks like the palace of King Triton and the themepark inside is even more beautiful. As you enter the lagoon, you will walk through a giant underwater world inspired by The Little Mermaid, filled with lots of fun attractions and a Mermaid Lagoon Theater. Don’t forget to try one of the delicious ice creams like the Sea Salt Ice Cream Monaka or the Mickey (tropical fruit) and Minnie (peach and raspberry) Ice Bar.


#4. Arabian Coast

This one’s for all the Aladdin lovers (aka myself)! The street theming in this area is amazing and perfect for some Insta-worthy pictures, but the rides are fun as well. The biggest one is Sinbad’s Storybook and inspired by the story of Sindbad the Sailor. The attraction itself looks a lot like It’s a Small World and is fun for every age. Another must-see is The Magic Lamp Theater with a fun (but Japanese only) live action show. Snack your way through this Arabian port in the food court with delicious curries and tandoori chicken.

#5. Lost River Delta 

Say hi to adventure in the Lost River Delta! The centerpiece of this port, inspired by the jungles of South America, is the Aztec pyramid of the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull ride. Once you enter the temple of this motion-base jeep ride, you enter a complete different world inside the pyramid filled with ancient, detailed frescos and dark corridors. Looking for a roller coaster? Then Raging Spirits Roller Coaster will be your cup of tea.

#6. Port Discovery 

Themed like a marina of the future, this part of DisneySea includes water rides like Aquatopia with hovercrafts and a special ‘wet experience’ during the summer. The DisneySea Electric Railway is an easy way to move yourself to the other side of the park, but it is also a great way to enjoy the view while riding through Port Discovery and American Waterfront, our next port.

#7. American Waterfront 

The final port is the American Waterfront, which is a homage to New York City. Here you will find the Tower of Terror, Toy Story Mania, the S.S. Columbia steam liner and different stores and restaurants. It’s the perfect place to buy some cute souvenirs and eat a delicious piece of American cheesecake!

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